Our Story

Hand poured in our workshop

Julie Clarke Candles are hand poured in small batches in our workshop in Galway, Ireland.  We combine bespoke fragrance with  our special blend of quality natural plant based wax.

‘…..hand poured in our workshop in Galway Ireland’





Journey to candle maker

The idea for Julie Clarke Candles was born in 2014 out of my passion for natural candles, botanical fragrance and general well-being.  This was following my recovery from injury sustained in an accident.

I trained in the art of candle making with master candle maker David Constable in Wales.   Here I  learned the secrets of making all kinds of candles.  This included vessel, pillar and taper candles.  I  also traveled to Switzerland to develop my candle making knowledge further.







Botanical fragrances

We spent a  few months developing our fragrances  with our chosen Perfumery.   The result is the finest selection of a bespoke botanical range of fragrances.  These fragrances are designed to  make you feel like you are in your garden.



Sustainable gifts

The final piece of the Jig Saw was the search for suitable vessels.  The search was driven by two requirements – classic beauty and potential to reuse.  Our Porcelain and Stoneware vessels were chosen to enrich our customers candle experience.  The bonus is these vessels  can be re-used after the life of the candle and diffuser.    Sustainable gifting is at the heart of what Julie Clarke Candles does.