Our Story

Handmade in our workshop

Julie Clarke Candles are handmade in our workshop situated on an acre of gardens on the west coast of Ireland – combining a love of fragrances from the garden and ceramics with candles made from our special blend of quality natural waxes.

‘…..handmade in our workshop on the west coast of Ireland’



Journey to candle maker

In 2014 Julie set out to start a new business – creating beautiful scented candles in beautiful vessels with the finest of fragrances from nature. Julie decided it was the right time to make the change from a career in adult education and training to something more creative.   She has always been engaged in creative activities on a hobby basis and liked the challenge of turning her interest in crafts to a business.

Julie trained in the art of candle making with master candle maker David Constable in Wales where she learned the secrets of making all kinds of candles including – vessel, pillar and taper candles. Julie also travelled to Switzerland to develop her candle making knowledge further.




Botanical fragrances

Following her training in candle making Julie spent some time designing the fragrances she wanted for her candles and sourcing the best perfume house to make the fragrances. This took several months and the result is the finest selection of a bespoke botanical range of fragrances designed to make you feel like you are in your garden.

….The final ingredient was sourcing suitable vessels for Julie Clarke Candles.



Environmentally friendly

The final ingredient of this initial research and development stage was sourcing suitable vessels for Julie Clarke Candles. The search for vessels was driven by two requirements – classic beauty and potential to reuse the vessel after the life of the candle. Julie quickly decided on ceramic vessels. The transparency of the ceramics really enhances the glow from the flickering light of the candle creating a warm lantern effect – this is particularly evident in the Blue Floral Lantern range. The ceramic vessels used by Julie Clarke Candles will really enrich your candle experience and the bonus is you will be able to re-use the vessel after the life of the candle or diffuser.

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