Sustainable Gifts

We are all about sustainability at Julie Clarke Candles.  With this mission in mind we have chosen beautiful porcelain vessels for all our products that will last a lifetime.    This compliments our vegan registered candles and diffusers.   

Julie Clarke Candles has a number of collections – Blue Peacock Storage Jar & Diffusers, Botanic, Blue Floral Lantern and finally  the Classic White Porcelain.   All of the vessels in these collections can be re-used.    

The Storage Jar can be used for spices in the kitchen, the diffuser vessel becomes a lovely bud vase or you can use one of our fragrance refills.   

The Botanic vessels make really nice herbal teacups or plant up for your kitchen herb garden.   

The Floral Lantern vessel becomes a really nice lantern – just pop a tealight in it after the candle is finished and you have a lantern forever.   

The Classic White collection also makes a nice lantern after the life of the candle. 

The translucency of the porcelain in both the Floral Lantern and Classic White collection enhances the glow coming from the tealight. 

All of our gift boxes can be re-used as well for pencil holders, jewellery and other trinkets.  Great boxes to brighten up your office desk with instead of the usual pen holders.   

If you would like to stock Julie Clarke Candles in your store please email us at or phone us on 00353 91 654002 – we will be delighted to help you.