White Roses & Gardenia Peacock Candle


A romantic heart of white roses is surrounded by the intoxicating floral notes of Gardenia. (see scent notes below)

Contained in a fine porcelain reuseable Storage Jar, the translucency of fine porcelain is complimented by the flickering reflections of candle light. A luxurious gift box completes the gift.

Each Julie Clarke Candle is designed and hand made at our candle workshop in Galway, Ireland. We use 100% pure natural waxes that come from a biodegradable renewable resource. Our wicks are made from unbleached cotton interwoven with linen thread. Our wonderful aromas are created by the addition of our bespoke blend of the finest essential oils.



Burn Time:

30 hours

Scent Notes

Base Note : Vetiver

Earthy, a hint of woodiness, a subtle essence of citrus characterise this base note

Heart Note : Tuborose

Carnal, subtle, sweet and fleshy floral note

Top Note : Freesia

Refreshing and Peppery flower with green tinge